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A Fence Survey. SurveyLaw.

Every spring, right after the first warm, sunny day our phone begins to ring.  Many of the calls come from property owners who want to install a new fence or replace an old fence.  Sometimes the property owner wants to install a new hedge or line of trees.  These folks wisely realize that no fence or other physical feature marking limits of possession should be installed near a property boundary unless a recent survey has been performed. 

If the new fence is mistakenly installed on the neighbor's property, the neighbor could sue to have the fence removed.  The neighbor might also sue for damages and legal fees.  The cost of defending and possibly losing a lawsuit would probably be many times the cost of a survey.

If the fence is installed too far onto the owner's property the land between the fence and the actual property line could eventually be lost to the neighbor as a result of adverse possession. 

Unless the property line is well marked with undisturbed original monuments, the only practical solution is to have the boundaries marked on the ground by a professional land surveyor. - BEFORE THE NEW FENCE IS INSTALLED! 

A Fence Survey

Beginning a typical lot survey in a city. SurveyLaw.

Lot surveys

Beginning a typical lot survey in a city.

We perform many surveys of small lots located in cities.    These surveys present their own unique set of challenges.  In many cities the streets are well monumented with stone markers.  These monuments fix the street lines which abut private property so they are usually the first place a surveyor looks when beginning a survey of private property.  Many of these monuments were set during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  The monuments are usually located at street intersections near the back edge of the sidewalk.  In many cases the sidewalks have been replaced and the original stone monuments destroyed or covered over during the construction of the new sidewalks.  In such cases it may be necessary to extend the survey for several city blocks until a sufficient number of monuments have been recovered.

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