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Land Surveys are closely regulated by statute in Massachusetts.  This is particularly true when a surveyor is establishing property boundaries.  Some years ago Paul Gay worked as a member of a committee to rewrite the Massachusetts statutes that all land surveyors in the Commonwealth are required to follow.  The rules have recently changed and all surveyors must be up to date on these new requirements.  Click on the button below for more detail on what some of the legal requirements are for a boundary survey.

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A boundary survey on a farm in Westport, MA. SurveyLaw.

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Adverse Possession is a type of Unwritten Title.  Unwritten title simply means that it is possible to own land even though you may not have a deed (written title) to the land.  A deed is the primary   evidence of ownership of Real Property (Land) in the U.S.  Adverse possession can cause a land owner to acquire land or to lose land.  For adverse possession to occur there are certain legal elements which must be satisfied.  Click the button below for a more complete description of adverse possession. 

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SurveyLaw is able to offer such a wide variety of surveying services because of the many years of experience of its employees and because of the state-of-the-art equipment which the company owns.  Paul L. Gay has been practicing land surveying since the 1970s.  In the late 1980s he became licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Because many of the surveys performed by SurveyLaw are for the purpose of supporting litigation, Mr. Gay participates in each and every survey from gathering research at the Registry of Deeds through Field Work, Calculations and the setting of final Lot Corners.  Our firm only hires surveying employees who have demonstrated a high level of experience in land surveying.

Our company owns surveying equipment incorporating the latest technology.  Total Stations (theodolites with integrated distance measuring devices) and Robotic Total Stations are the most commonly used instruments for boundary surveying.  The Total Stations have the capability of measuring to a prism or to physical objects using reflectorless technology.  A light beam is sent by the total station to the prism or object which is reflected back to the instrument which then precisely calculates the distance within about 1/8 of an inch.  All instrumentation is frequently serviced and calibrated to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision.  Global Positioning (GPS and GNSS) is also used for larger surveys, particularly when it is desirable to tie the survey into the Massachusetts Coordinate System (state plane).  The accuracy of GPS receivers is degraded by canopy (when used near or under trees or big buildings) so GPS is typically only used on large surveys where there are open spaces with an unobstructed view of the satellites.

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SurveyLaw can also perform surveys for the division of a parcel of land into multiple parcels or "lots".  This is sometimes referred to as a "Subdivision".  Under Massachusetts zoning and subdivision laws the creation of new parcels of land from a larger parcel must meed certain statutory requirements.  These requirements are different in every city or town and are usually established and overseen by the local Planning Department.  In many cases there are numerous ways in which a large parcel of land can be subdivided.  If you have a parcel of land that you would like to subdivide please contact us so that we can discuss the most cost effective way to divide the property.

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At SurveyLaw we perform Boundary Surveys, Lot Surveys, Subdivisions of Land, Perimeter Surveys and Construction Surveys. Although we can perform surveys in any area in MA much of our work is in the Southeastern MA, Cape Cod area.
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Adverse Possession

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Boundary surveying

Boundary Surveying is defined as locating the boundaries (property lines) of a parcel of land on the ground. It is one of the most difficult types of surveying because the establishment of boundaries requires the surveyor to have a detailed understanding of the law governing boundary establishment.  Although the surveyor must also be technically skilled in measurement techniques, the legal aspects of boundary establishment are usually the most difficult part of the process.  Click the button below to learn more about establishing boundaries.

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A boundary survey on a farm in Westport, MA.